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Bringing Beauty Since 1968 

To accomplish that mission for you and bring to your home not only beauty,

but lower maintenance we do: 

  • Patios

  • Walkways

  • Planting and transplanting

  • Grading and seeding

  • Spring cleaning and mulching

  • Retaining walls

  • E.P. Henry paver driveways

  • Deck repair and refurbishment

  • Synthetic turf

  • And more…

Looking forward to helping you accomplish your landscaping goals.



Our patios are designed with your unique space requirements, tastes and budget in mind. We have done patios since 1968 in a variety of materials to suit your style and taste. The most commonly used materials are:


  • Flagstone

  • E. P. Henry pavers

  • Brick

  • Combinations of those

  • Natural stone is also available

4_dATu3w (1).jpeg


We also make custom design decks to suit your entertainment needs and to fit your site and budget.  We build your deck to exacting standards of strength and durability. They can be built from several different choices.  We use pressure treated for the sub-structure for all decks because of its superior durability and strength. Here are some of your choices in lumber:

  • Pressure treated: lifetime warranty and we use #1 grade kiln dried decking the cleanest most knot free available.

  • Trex: 15-20 year warranty

  • Garupa: a sustainably forested Brazilian hardwood: absolutely stunning and beautiful look with a 40 year warranty.


We repair and refurbish decks without pressure washing because that can dry out and warp the lumber. We sand the accessible surface in three directions and apply water sealer - replacing boards as required. Or sometimes it is faster to simply put a new surface; perhaps upgrade to #1 grade kiln dried pressure treated of Garupa perhaps?



Studies have shown that, although the initial cost is higher, a driveway made of E. P. Henry pavers will cost up to 30% less than a blacktop driveway over the long term. Pavers eliminate the need for the absolutely necessary periodic maintenance of sealing and resurfacing that is associated with blacktop and therefore save in the long term.

How strong are paver driveways? They are used in airports and ports around the world because of their great strength. My driveway is done in pavers and simulates a stream bed with ‘paver’ fish swimming in it. I have had trucks loaded with massive boulders drive over it with no damage. We installed Chester Valley Golf Club’s driveway and it has had hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks over it since it was installed. They plow and salt it in the winter and it still looks as great as when it was first installed.

Plus --- paver driveways are beautiful additions to your overall landscape. The next time your driveway needs resurfacing consider pavers instead.

If you opt for blacktop and need either repair or extension or new driveway work, we have an association with Rossi Company who has 50 years experience in driveway repair and installation and general construction.


Retaining Walls

We build retaining walls in many different materials because style matters and so does cost. We use pressure treated 6"x 6" ‘s, boulders of granite & avondale brown, natural stone, and E. P. Henry wall systems.


Custom bamboo fence hiding pool equipment. Decorative perennial grasses just cut back and area mulched and ready for spring.


We install a wide range of fencing types which include: traditional post & rail, and other wood fences as well as high quality low maintenance Jerrith aluminum.

We also custom design and build wooden gates and fences.

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